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Schüttesäge Museum

Themes on the many aspects of timber are displayed in two buildings between the Kinzig and the canal, in an area known as Schleifegrün.

The subject of wood production through forestry, featuring the local system of selective felling, which is now only practiced on one per cent of forested land, serves as a starting point for the theme.

Ausstellungsraum in der Schüttesäge

Timber rafting was a term which denoted timber transportation, and thereby also the timber trade. The trade, a very important commercial activity for the Kinzig valley, was operated by a union of trading cooperatives belonging to the so-called raft masters, together with the raftsmen they employed.

Timber was also produced here, which is demonstrated by examples of sawing techniques from the last two centuries. One can clearly see how hydro energy is used to power the mechanical saw

Of course, every sawmill also had a "craft room" equipped with a transmission drive, providing room for maintenance work such as sharpening saw blades and repair work, as well as being a place to try out new ideas, or just a place to take a break.

In the redwood tannery, one can learn about the chemical aspects of using wood; other displays demonstrate the use of wood as a building material for the construction of timber framed houses, or for making furniture, tools and other devices.

Last but not least, one section of the museum is devoted to the characteristic uses of wood as a medium for the production of energy.

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