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Museum at the market

The museum in the market square portrays an overall view of the history of this small town, with some fine examples that characterise the town. A certain chronological order is followed while walking through this typical Schiltach three story "Ackerbürgerhaus" (merchant's house).

Schiltach's history of ruling powers beginning in the 13th century, is illustrated by the decline of Schiltach castle and the excavations at Willenburg. The excavations revealed many technical aspects that were needed to perform this type of construction.

Blick auf das Museum am Markt

One of the numerous fires that broke out before the reformation in the 16th century, and was supposedly caused by a woman accused of witchcraft, is presented here in the form of a play in sound and vision. It is performed in the local Swabian dialect as would have been customary in this town under Württemberg rule up to 1810.

Another room portrays the reformation of religion which formed the basis for the traditional costume and rare customs of our region up to the present.

The organisation of craftsmen, presented here as a cooperative guild under which the leather processing and manufacturing craftsmen were united, lends emphasis to the working conditions of the 19th century.

Documentation of the production of flax and hemp leads us into the working world of women. Their obligatory skills are further demonstrated under the topic of textiles.

The history of industrialisation in Schiltach is also related closely to the textile sector; cloth was manufactured here from the 19th century right up to the 1960's.

The former storage loft is now reserved for temporary exhibitions.

Opening hours:

  • April, 1st until October, 31st
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    November and December
    Saturday and Sunday 11.00 am - 5.00 pm


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