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Car park near the sports hall

From Schiltach in the direction of Schenkenzell, turn right towards the Freibad (open air swimming pool), then proceed to the top left hand corner of the car park.

The skatepark was built at the end of 2000 by Schiltach town and Schenkenzell parish councils after 2 years of planning.

Kinder spielen im Skaterpark Kinder helfen beim Bau des Skaterparks

Mini ramp:
The mini ramp is a self-construction kit supplied by the Vertical company in Switzerland. The structure is made from zink coated steel and the skating surface is steel with a special paint finish. The mini ramp was built with help from Schiltach's youth in October 2000.

The opening:
Schiltach's mayor, Rottenburger, and Schenkenzell's mayor, Schenk, officially opened the skatepark on Friday 18th of May.


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